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"A One-Stop Solution" for all businesses.

A Group formed by highly talented and creative people with high business acumen. This is a one-stop solution for all the happening areas of business be it the latest in the trend – Manufacturing of pocket & eco-friendly and nonpolluting fuel bio-diesel & lubes to satisfy health-conscious people by formulating nutraceuticals and herbal products. Further to provide info & entertainment by organizing expos and events for all age groups, educating people with the latest agricultural/ farming processes like organic farming, fertilizers & Hydroponics. This group also meets the demands of people with a flair for real-estate infra development and interior decoration. All the possible happening areas are taken care of under one roof. This is the only group with an aim to cater to the needs of various sections of people with a variety of interests.

Claps Oiltech Pvt Ltd

Claps Oiltech Pvt Ltd specializes in the manufacture of biodiesel from Used Cooking Oils & waste oils & fat. Imagine energy made from renewable sources that could fuel your car, warm your home, or transport a plane. This energy source is not a fossil fuel, unlike petroleum, it is sustainable and increases the security of our energy supplies. It is sourced affordably and locally, and its industry stimulates regional development and employment in India.

Claps Innovatives

Claps Innovatives is the first choice when looking for a trusted partner to help guide you through the delivery of your workplace. we are here now to provide you with the expertise in fit-out construction and interior systems needed for professional office fit-outs and will be here in the future to maintain your work environment.
Design & Production Of Interior Systems
Refurbishment & Fit-out construction
Landscaping & Gardening

Claps Herbagenics

My wellbeing. in an online health retailer, wellness Wearhouse is your trusted provider of a wide range of carefully selected, high-quality supplements, health foods, natural beauty products, eco-home solutions, and more. We believe in pure, natural goodness.
“To unleash, enable, and facilitate integrative wellness for our customers, with a focus on promoting a healthy, positive, and stress-free lifestyle.”

Claps Infotainment

Claps Infotainment, as an event company, is nimble and scalable. We utilise a national and global network to activate event projects across India and around the Middleeast, connecting businesses and brands with their target audience for deeper engagement, stronger relationships and tangible results for live events, hybrid events and virtual events.

We are a Dubai-based team of event enthusiasts passionate about making your celebration ours too. With in-house designers, planners, coordinators, and executioners working in unison, we create magic around your events. we are now present in India also. They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Our work speaks for us!

Claps Commercials

Claps Commercials is a marketing, advertising, and brand content agency, dedicated to defying conventional methods to create, discover and implement new approaches to reaching the consumer.
You run your business – We’ll do your marketing.
We make your product
Be Different to
Be Successful
We uncover the secrets of how to win in marketing & digital commerce