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Want To Know About Us?

“A One-Stop Solution” for all…..businesses, A Group consisting of extremely skilled and creative individuals with strong business acumen. This is a one-stop shop for all the current trends in business, from manufacturing pocket-friendly and eco-friendly fuel bio-diesel and lubes to satisfying health-conscious individuals by developing nutraceuticals and herbal items. Furthermore, to give information and enjoyment by arranging expos and events for people of all ages, to educate people on the newest agricultural/farming procedures such as organic farming, fertilisers, and hydroponics.

This group also caters to those with a knack for real-estate infrastructure development and interior design. All potential occurring locations are covered under one roof.

Our Mission

Our first mission is to protect the planet we call home.

Our Vision

Transforming dreams to reality


A combination of companies, obliged by one purpose – to excel with values,

For society and the natural environment we will help preserve the global environment and contribute to the prosperity of mankind through our corporate activities.
For customers and users we will create new values through technology, products and services
For suppliers and vendors we will strive for integrated technical development and harmonious mutual prosperity through parts purchase, production contracting and joint development.
For investors and financial institutions we will increase our investment worth and credit through sound management policy and good access to information
For competitors and the industry we will strive to build industrial and technical development through technical alliances and competition.
For all of our employees we will help individuals to achieve self-fulfillment through their work and the company.

Board Of Directors


Kumaraswamy C


Chandrashekar K


Lalitha Sri K


Prabhav Sai